Researching Road Map

*** Regarding Passwords: Please be sure to get the necessary passwords for any site (such as Gale or EBSCO) before you go home. I cannot email them home or post them on the blog. They are posted in my room or in the IMC. 

  1. General Encylopedia
    2. Through Ebscohost (Funk & Wagnalls)
  2. Search LV’s Library:
  3. Gale Virtual Reference Library –
  4. Magazines & Newspapers (Periodicals)
    1. EBSCO Host –
    2. eLibrary –
  5. History Fair Specific Sites
    1. Primary Source Nexis (IL):
    2. Primary Source Nexis (Chicago):
    3. Chicago Sources by Topic:
    4. CHM Bibliographies:
    5. Primary Source Nexis (American History by Theme):
  6. Contact & Visit Local Libraries
  7. More Resources:
    1. Variety of Websites for Primary Sources:
    2. List of Museums/Resources in the City:
    3. Massive List of Amazing Sources:
    4. Two ways to Search the Chicago Public Library Resources: &
  8. Visit the Chicago History Museum (Reservation Required) –

Remember to check for accuracy (CORROBORATE!!) 

  • “When in doubt, check it out!” If you’re unsure if something is true, search other sources for validation. If you cannot find it in more than 1 source, it’s probably not best to use it.
  • Most print sources are reliable. Web resources are trickier. We’ll do some class activities to help, but, in the meantime, the general rule is: look for .net, .org, and .edu type sites.
  • Websites with lots of ads and pop-ups are typically dubious. Look for an author, a date of publication, or an association with a research organization. Also, look for a “contact us” or “about us” section.

A list of reliable web sites to gather information from:


4 thoughts on “Researching Road Map

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you, this made it really helpful. My only comment is the cpl website has to have an account to research, and you can’t make one online. Just to let you know.

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