History Fair

Taking a Stand in History!

2016-17 History Fair Dates ~

Lakeview History Fair (aka Spartan Showcase): Thursday, March 9th

Chicago History Fair: Saturday, April 22nd

Illinois History Day: Thursday, May 4th

Resources to develop great History Fair topics:

The most comprehensive list of topics and ideas available! – http://www.chicagohistory.org/research/resources/history-fair/history-fair-bibliographies

-list for 2017 theme: http://www.chicagohistoryfair.org/history-fair/history-fair-a-nhd-theme/nhd-suggested-topics.html

Will your History Fair topic work? http://www.chicagohistoryfair.org/images/stories/pdfs/1_determine.pdf

What is History Fair?

Examples of History Fair projects, and the History Fair itself:

And here are sites to learn more about the History Fair from:



My appearance on WGN chronicling the incredible engagement of HF


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