Guest Post: Women’s March on Chicago

The following is a post from Ysabel, one of our seventh-grade students. Regardless of whether you agree with the protest, Ysabel is an enthusiastic young citizen and I applaud her for not only being active at a young age but am proud of her for wanting to share. Have an example of your own? Share it! 

On January 21st, 2017 in Chicago was a Women’s March. I participated in this march for women’s rights. Next to the Washington D.C. protest, the Chicago protest was the second largest with 150,000 to 250,000 people attending.  I talked to one of the people who helped organize the march. When asked why she choose to help organize this march, she replied that she “would actually try and do something positive and get people involved in a way that was meaningful for change.” People marched for many things including civil and individual rights. Some signs that we saw were for reproductive choice, LGBT rights, Women’s Rights, Black Lives Matter, and many more. The speakers at the rally also spoke out about many issues. Channyn Lynne Parker, a Transgender Activist and Translife Project Manager said, “As a child I loved Wonder Woman, but nothing could prepare me for standing in front of 150,000 of them.” Eman Hassaballa Aly, a Muslim community Activist said she didn’t want to be discriminated against for what she wore. Ari Afsar, Karen Olivo, and Samantha Marie ware, from the cast of Hamilton, spoke and sang at the march. Due to the size of the attendance, the marching part was cancelled so the people at the rally started their own march. Michigan Avenue was completely closed off. We marched together as one to stand up for our rights and to send the message that we won’t stop fighting. A representative from the ACLU read a poem by Assata Shakur, “It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.” Women’s March 


The Long Road to History Fair

In the first couple of days of History Fair, we would research and choose our topics. For the next couple of weeks we would further research our topics, Mr. Little would check up on us every week, making sure we are going in the right direction, and also making sure we have enough information. After winter break, we started to create our project and then continued researching. You had a choice of a Performance, Documentary, Website, Research Paper, or an Exhibit.  For the next couple of weeks, we would work on the final project. We then had the option to present for feedback from classmates. Now we are approaching the final days before the fair this wednesday, the 11th.

by Alex Edwards.

Today in Social Studies…

Today in class Mr. Little has us set the imc_color and 4250 printers in classroom. So now we can print! Then we work on the Labels and Master Plan on classroom which is pretty much just planning everything you are going to do for history and writing the labels that you are going to do on your project. 2 labels are due by friday.

December 17th

We worked on coggle, make sure it’s done for tomorrow. Make sure the coggle only has four branches coming off of it (what Happened? Significance/legacy, short/long term effects, background)  If you finished the coggle work on getting more resources for your topic. Make sure the resources are primary or from a book about your subject.

Jordan M.
period 8

Amanda W. ~ Period 4

Today in class, we talked about history fair. We closed our eyes and fast forwarded to March. We thought about how our project would look like. Mr. Little had a presentation with the steps on where we are at. He also gave us a primary source to look at and read. On the back of it were questions and we had to answer them. It helped us learn about the primary sources and to use them for our topic. For homework we have a paragraph summarizing our HF topic and the significance of it. It is due tomorrow @3:00.


Today in Class

Today in social studies we worked on our RCF’s. All eight of them are due tomorrow at the end of class. You should also go and do your coggle to help you plan for history fair. Make sure that all of your RCF’s have good links and one of them should be something like a book not a website.

James R. Period 2

Today in class we worked on our history fair projects. We had to get 5 RCF’s done by the end of English. We learned that we should research in depth about our topic. We worked very hard on the RCF’s we did and tried to work as quickly and well as possible to get them done. We have 8 RCF’s due by Friday.