Lakeview’s 2019 Chicago Metro History Fair Projects


  • “Good Intentions, Bad Results: Prohibition in Chicago” – Charlie Mandziara
  • “Tragedy at the Iroquois Theatre Fire” – Ashley Maas, Katie Downes, Grace Rerucha, & Sophia Johnson
  • “A Shining Legacy” – Sabrina Crowley
  • “The Crash of the Wingfoot Air Express” – Declan Edman & Eric Kenyeri


  • Spreading Hope Throughout the City: The Story of DL Moody” – Audrey Jayne
  • The Triumph of Chicago Blues” – Kailey Frangella & Maya Homberg


  • “Stateville Malaria Experiments” – Bella Salvino, Maija Flannery, & Lauren Miranda
  • “1992 Chicago Flood” – Lily Kelliher & Leah Tannhauser
  • “1910 Chicago Stockyard Fire” – Sean Stewart

Research Papers:

  • “Skyline of Yesterday” – Scotty Conley

Congratulations to all of our student historians. While only a few projects may advance, so many of our students conducted impressive research, produced awesome projects, and threw themselves into this project. A few years ago our school was recognized as the Illinois NHD “School of the Year,” and that legacy continues with your good work. Be proud of the projects you have created!