Spartan Historians earn Illinois School of the Year

I talk a LOT about how awesome my kids are. About how hard they work for a school project and about how many hoops they jump through in the name of excellence and doing it right. Their collective hard work was recognized on a state level when Illinois History Day recognized us as the NHD School of the Year. Not all students can earn the honors they deserve, but this award is meaningful as it captures the excellence of ALL of our students, including students who have helped develop this program and build the excitement which now surrounds it.

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In addition to this school honor, 8 students (EIGHT!) earned a Superior rating at State. This is the highest number Lakeview has had. They are:

  • Brenna Humprhis & Ryan Rosignal (Exhibit)
  • Bella Chlada, Anna Bastuga, & Katie Bastuga (Exhibit)
  • Cassie Repole (Performance)
  • Hajira Choudry, Emily Reyes & Adriana Loconti (Website)
  • Michael Joseph (Website)
  • Ysabel Pakowski & Nathan Nowak (Website)
  • Allison Ford (Research Paper)

Lakeview was also invited to visit our State Senator from the 41st District, Senate Minority Leader Christine Radogno. She and her Legislative Assistant Mary Lou Frank secured a tour of the Capitol as well. An already special day was enhanced by the generosity of our Senator.

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Last but CERTAINLY not least are Lakeview’s very own 2017 NATIONAL HISTORY DAY QUALIFIERS: Brenna Humprhis & Ryan Rosignal! Ryan and Brenna will take their show on the road to College Park, Maryland June 11-15 to take part in an INTERNATIONAL celebration of student historians. Only 2 group exhibits from the state get to advance, so this is an unbelievable honor and accomplishment. I couldn’t be prouder of these kids!



2 thoughts on “Spartan Historians earn Illinois School of the Year

  1. Melinda Nowak

    Mr Little
    You role model , everything you ask the kids to do, and become. Thank you. What an amazing reward for such hard work and dedication. both of my kids were lucky and blessed to have you teach them.

  2. Thanks, Melinda… that’s incredibly generous to say. I’m lucky to have such incredible kids who are willing to work so hard!

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