Growth Mindset at Work: Spartan Historians @ 2017 Chicago History Fair


2017 Lakeview Spartan Historians – photo credit to Mrs. Gasmen. Mr. Little grumpy face courtesy of slow Potbelly delivery. 


Students will find out next week which projects advance to be 2017 Illinois History Day competition next month in Springfield. But today was a special day, one to celebrate the success of these student historians. Of the 125 students which display their work at the Spartan Showcase, these 24 projects advanced to our regional NHD competition, the Chicago History Fair. Lakeview students are creating increasingly complex and competitive projects, so advancing to this fair is impressive accomplishments of its own.

Every year our students raise the bar. Nearly all of our students revised their projects. All three exhibits completely rebuilt their boards. Both performances rewrote their scripts entirely. Our documentary added four minutes. Two websites excellent website even combined to create an exceptional one. These kids spent their lunch breaks working in my room, sought constant feedback on their own, and independently signed up for sessions to work with me and improve. Parents, though, had to put up with the constant runs to the library and Michael’s, the tears when students are frustrated and confused, and the tons of time the students work on this. I appreciate their support as much as I appreciate the student’s enthusiasm. Can’t happen without them.

Whatever happens with judging is an afterthought – our students created some remarkable memories and raised the bar for our next group of student historians. Glad to have these kids represent Lakeview on behalf of the superb students who couldn’t be here.


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