Curating Civil War Time Capsules

Our objective today was two-fold:

  1. Ensure students that we heard them with a lesson design which reflects their current needs: collaborative, hands-on, research, and to get out of their seats.
  2. Continue developing an understanding of how disagreements between different social, political, economic and cultural groups festered into Disunion, then Civil War

Our instructional activity was to design a Civil War Time Capsule. Students are broken into groups representing different interests at the peak of Disunion:

  1. Slaves
  2. Slave Owners
  3. Southern Poor
  4. Midwestern Working Class
  5. Wealthy New Yorkers
  6. Native Americans

Each interest group represents a critical component of the Civil War and its causes. Students work together to research and learn about these groups and identify 5-8 different artifacts they need for their time capsule. This chart documents our progress:

Screenshot 2017-04-18 at 4.26.53 PM

Students did a nice job with this activity today. Sustaining our positive mindsets and embracing hard work, together, is the next challenge. Excited to see what students bring to their groups tomorrow, and even more impressed with their continued use of quality research skills. Good start to re-engaging our student historians.

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