Wrapping up History Fair: Student Reflections on the Process and Pride in the Product

Above is a presentation I shared with other teachers at a conference on Friday. Our students do some good work at Lakeview, but the videos of kids talking about History Fair is my favorite part of the presentation. While I’m confident this difficult project is beneficial for students,  their own recognition of what History Fair means is exciting:

  • I think that history fair is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had in school. Even though I got stressed a lot, it was tons of fun and I am satisfied with my product.
  • I enjoyed history fair and I am sad that it is over.
  • I think that everybody did a great job on their project and I am so incredibly proud that we did our entire project by ourselves and we did not have any outside help *besides Mr. Little and Mrs. Defores with writing*
  • History fair wasn’t all that bad.
  • I honestly thought this was a really fun! I loved that I got to work with my partner but also help others who were struggling.
  • I think this history fair was a hit for the kids that will be doing this later in their lives but also for the kids how have done this to see how far we did.
  • I might look over my project again and refine it. Everyone’s projects were AWESOME! Nice job, 10/10 would look at again.I think History Fair was really fun and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year.
  • I loved working on this and being independent.

I’m disappointed this is all over, too. The “commotion” of kids collaborating across groups, giving feedback, and helping each other develop thesis statements was a fun element of this project. The challenge is maintaining that student-lead collaboration and culture of ownership in the next units.

In case you missed websites, documentaries, research papers or the brave performances of Cassie and Gwen, check them out here.


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