Lakeview’s 2017 Chicago History Fair Team

Congratulations to these students as they advance to the 2017 Chicago Metro History Fair! The Chicago History Fair will be held on Saturday, April 22nd at Lane Tech High School in Chicago.


“Potter Palmer: Taking a Stand for Chicago” – Delaney Madiar, Amanda Maylath & Hannah Martin

“A Chance for Life” – Ryan Rosignal & Brenna Humphris

“The President Has Been Shot!” – Katie Bastuga, Bella Chlada & Anna Bastuga

First Alternate: “Race Riots of Chicago in the Red Summer of 1919” – Ashley James & Katie Steffgen

Second Alternate: “10,000 Black Men Named George” – Paige Antiporek

Final Alternate: “Owen Lovejoy’s Stand Against Slavery” – Leo Hermans & Andrew Brandt

(Rounding out the top 10 exhibits are the projects of Juliana Rossi, Emily Poska, Abby Durkin, Courtney/Jessica/Kaitlyn, and Kevin L.) Genuinely impressed with everyone’s work. Well done, Student Historians!

*In the event that advancing projects fail to make improvements or meet criteria for Chicago History Fair, they will be replaced by alternates in the order they are listed above.



“Lincoln’s Push to End Slavery “– Hajira Choudry, Emily Reyes, Adriana Loconti

“1919 Race Riots” – Michael Joseph

1968 Democratic National Convention/Chicago Eight” – Ysabel Pakowski & Nathan Nowak



“The Harlem Globetrotters: A Game Changer” – Chris Gasmen, Nick Motuelle, Brendan Gibbons & Alex Salvino


Research Papers:

“Reversing the Chicago River” – Adam Ahmed

“Pinkerton National Detective Agency” – Allison Ford

“Lucy Flower and the Juvenile Court Act of 1899” – Cassandra Rapp

“The Black Hawk War: Conflict During the Expansion into the West” – Tanner Sains



“Seeing the World in Rainbow: Standing for Gay Rights” – Gwendolynne Royle

“The Flying O’Hares” – Cassie Repole

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