Ratiocination Exercise to Finalize History Fair Writing


noun ra·ti·o·ci·na·tion \-ˌō-sə-ˈnā-shən, -ˌä-\ :  the process of exact thinking :
Mrs. Defors works with our 3rd Period students in our Lab/Makerspace.

As students wrap up their writing, our fabulous Instructional Coach, Mrs. Defors, is working with students in small groups to improve their writing. Our class has been utilizing the wide-open makerspace in our former computer lab. Kids can build stage pieces and open up exhibits outside of my cramped classroom, but it’s also excellent for differentiated groups like Mrs. Defors is leading. Once they get the hang of it, students will be experts and ready to share their skills with peers next week. This isn’t just Mrs. Defors teaching today, but building a culture of collaboration for kids to continue growing through this process.

As Mrs. Defors explains it, ratiocination is a tedious process but really polishes students’ writing. We’re removing passive verbs, repetitive sentence starters, and using powerful transitions. For something so tedious, the students love it!

Anna: “I thought ratiocination was very hepful for revisiong our (history fair writing). It made me look at our writing in a differnt way… really took it to the next level.”

Bella: “Ratiocination was extremely helpful. At times, it was challenging but it was more helpful. I enjoyed making my project even better. It was the most helpful part of history fair so far.”

Katie: “Ratiocination was very helpful in taking our writing to the next level. The activity can be a little challenging but extremely helpful.”

Anna “ratiocinating” during 8th period.

Here are Mrs. Defors’ directions for this process:

And an example from class: