Taking Advantage of a 4-Day Weekend

President General Washington would be glad if you spent some time studying history this weekend! I suggest you spend some time building your project with the extra time his legacy has given you this weekend.

Some things to consider before you build anything:

  1. Review your checklists. These include the rules, examples, and advice.
  2. Make nothing permanent. The week of 2/27 is one which you can present and get feedback from myself and your classmates. You don’t want permanently glued items which will either damage your project to move, or dissuade you from making any improvements.
  3. Labels will still undergo revisions. Do not assume what you have now is perfect. It is not.
  4. Be genuinely creative!
  5. Plan. Plan. Plan. Swimming regionals are coming up. The musical starts to practice next week. Spring sports will ramp up soon. “Failure to Prepare is Preparing to Fail.”

Projects are DUE March 3rd (Thursday), but may be turned in early and presented for Extra Credit anytime the week of 2/27 (in class).

Need more sources? Try this:

What else can you do this weekend?

  • Begin printing photos for your project.
  • Begin tinkering with the sizing of your text (and use different texts, too).
  • Improve your annotated bibliography.
  • Complete an entry for ongoing reflections.
  • Read the two superb examples of Master Plans posted on classroom.
  • history-fair-timeline-february-1