Peer Reviews & Self Assessments to Improve Writing

This week we’re using two strategies to improve our writing: peer reviews and self-assessments.board-peer

Peer reviews are a helpful way to look at a thesis statement for a topic we know nothing about. Our own statements confuse us after overanalyzing them for weeks. Students needed to identify the four components of thesis statements (topic, theme, parameters, argument), and leave some advice to their classmate for context.Also cool that kids are starting to celebrate and praise each other through these comments.


Specific feedback is helpful as we continue to revise thesis statements. Emoji Feedback has been a nice new way for quick evidence as to whether a strategy works. Students found this incredibly helpful! Here’s a sample:


Self-assessments utilize the ELA writers response rubric. We ignored the ELA-specific references but the skills remain. Begin your labels with a topic Sentence, Support it with relevant evidence, and include some analysis of your own to make it important to your project.