Master Plan Doc for History Fair

With a large portion of our research, organization, and argument planning done, we need to turn this into a project. All of those will continue as projects develop (as you see in the examples, we’re not there yet), and I have some instruction to do with analysis and synthesis. Regardless, we’re ready for our Master Plan doc, which will

  • synthesize all research, organization, analysis, and arguments into one plan
  • receive feedback and ask questions
  • review peer comments
  • organize titles, visuals, and text into a comprehensive doc
  • have access to annotated bibliography for quick access and updating
  • house thesis which students will continually revise as they research

The Master Plan doc is divided into three parts. One is simple organization with thesis, title, and annotated bib.


Second is the outline. This is key. It should also mimic the Mind Maps students completed earlier (these are two different projects, but you can see how students initially organized their work above, and how they structure an argument in this document below).


Last is the most important piece. Labels. The outline sections above directly correlate to the finished project. For example, Background A becomes Label 1. Background B becomes Label 2. As each label is a portion of their project, students are taking their arguments and extending them through this plan. Then, the plan becomes the project. Labels become components of websites, scenes of a documentary, or sections of a board. See Emma and Abby’s example from last year. the above photo has the Master Plan version of the text, with the bottom picture showing the finished product.


Follow along? Getting sooooo close to putting all this work into a product. Not quite there yet – but now the vision starts to come together!