Project Mock-ups to Plan for Success

44 days until our History Fair, so planning is crucial to use our time effectively. We call these “mock-ups” for our most popular project, exhibits. Here’s a great example from Bella, Katie, and Anna:


This is only an iteration. In fact, it’s their second. There are flaws both in the title and the proportions. But the students are clearly thinking through the process of design and are on their way to a successful exhibit. Google Draw is a nice tool to use, but 11 x 17 paper is fine, too.

Documentary and  Performance projects should design an outline or a script. Documentaries might want to include a sidebar for photos/visuals/video clips to pair with text. This is Emily’s example from a few years ago:


Research Papers can follow a simple outline before they start rolling out 2,000 words! Here’s an example from Denys a few years ago.


Websites are more flexible. We’re going to try something new this year with drawing out the pages.