Research Tools for History Fair at Lakeview

Nine weeks from tonight is Lakeview’s History Fair. As we dig into deep research the next few weeks, we’ll need a document to organize what we’re learning. Our Student Historians track their reading with the Research Collection Form.

The RCF came from a colleague at the Chicago Metro History Fair, but I can’t remember who. Mrs. Mixon, Mrs. DeFors, and Mrs. Burrows have helped me tweak the document and introduce it to the students in their ELA curriculum. Mrs. Gemmell uses it for her Genetics project. This document has become a wonderful to tool make sense of what we’re reading online, in books, and in a special collections room.

Individual students 7 RCFs by 1/13. Partners need 12, Groups need 20. I strongly suggest students continue to do RCFs even after they’ve met the threshold. Here’s a nice example of what a completed one looks like.


“Building the Argument” is tough to do this early. Making an effort is all I ask, and we can recategorize them late next week after a good amount of info to sort through.

Also important are the resources our school has available to find these sources to research. Mrs. Hayes not only organized these resources, she looked up every topic to ensure each student would find sources. She’s an incredible resource for us in this process. Here’s what she designed for our student historians to use:


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