Organizing Research with the RCF

Once History Fair topics are chosen, research begins. This sounds easy but becomes very difficult when students accumulate so many sources and so much information. Where does it fit? What is important? Where did I get that piece of info from? Enter, our Research Collection Form, or RCF.

This document came from a colleague at the Chicago Metro History Fair (whom I regrettably don’t remember). My ELA colleagues and I collaborated to modify it to our liking. This document is an easy way to pull info from sources and start the analysis process. We’ll revisit this after break to better understand the Annotation and Content/WhatHappened/Significance pieces, but this is an important tool for kids to use while researching over the next few weeks.

Individual projects need to have 7 RCFs by January 13th. Partners need 12 combined RCFs (unique sources for each one), and Groups of any size need 20.