Using the “Sunshine” Doc to evaluate potential Topics

Friday’s VOLCANO doc is the first step in Topic Selection (determine if the theme applies). Today’s Sunshine doc is a more thorough evaluation of potential Topics.

  • Determines if Topic is older than 25 years (actually history, not current event).
  • Location of topic (must be Chicago/Illinois event).
  • Topic is significant – it changed something, has an effect.
  • Relates to Theme
  • Student Interest in the topic should be high!
  • Demands interpretation – can it be argued differently by different people? This one is key. If your topic is fact (ex: “the sun is hot”), there is no interpretation. If your topic has different points of view (ex: “change climate conditions are the result of human activity”), this can be argued and debated with a variety of resources. You want the later.
  • Abundance of sources… if you’re not tripping over books, sites, and (valid) search results, this might be too difficult to study for History Fair.

Students and I will begin this topic evaluation today. I need 3 completed forms by Thursday (I have plenty in my room) to make sure students head to the  Chicago History Museum with some sense of what they’re studying.

PDF Version here: sunshine-doc-history-fair-topic-filter