Practice Games for American Geography

Use these games to practice as you improve your score. Can you speculate (guess) what Multiple Intelligence these videos may relate to?

The Most Popular (amongst parents, too): Name all 50 states as fast as you can.

Geoguesser: use geography and the natural landscape to guess where google streetview has taken you.

Play Quizizz with a group of friends. A simple “states and capitals” search will give you a ton of results to sort through. Try one!

Maybe you can make a song or dance to remember them!

Or draw them out?

This is by National Geographic, and you can test your knowledge of all countries, continents and states/provinces throughout the world.

Finally, a completely new game that not only requires identification of a state, but also asks you to type in the capital name, too.

And if you’re not having an easy time thinking “you can do it,” check out this kid. Many of you lose any valid excuse when a kid can’t even dress himself knows all his states and capitals. 

Update: A bunch of new games students have found: