Chicago History Museum

We had a successful trip to the Chicago History Museum this week. The museum is a small institution, which makes it a good destination for junior high students being introduced to Chicago History. Our students worked with docents to explore primary sources and develop an exhibit based on their interpretation of historic events and those items. I am also grateful for the parents able to travel with and guide their exploration (Mrs. Erickson, Mrs. Surdyk, Mrs. Scheck, Mrs. Cullen, Mr. Rabig, Mrs. Tannhauser, Mrs. Major, and Mrs. Kenyeri). I’ve attached some photos of the students at work.

You would also be proud of their behavior on the trip. The docents on both days extended their compliments to me about how wonderful it was to see students so engaged and well behaved, an honor extended to the children again on Friday with our guest speaker. (Apparently all historians know each other!) This was a positive introduction to Chicago History and the museum, which will also be an invaluable resource when conducting History Fair research the next few weeks.
To top it off, your children were remarkable with our guest speaker today. They asked some wonderful questions and were completely enamored with her presentation and stories of local history. I left school today excited about their enthusiasm of her presentation. Great way to end the week! I’ll get that presentation on Classroom next week if you’re interested in seeing it.