2015 JV Boys Basketball Team

Below is our team for this year. I’m grateful for the effort all of the boys demonstrated the last few days. This is always a difficult decision, and I recognize some boys will be disappointed they didn’t make the team. I encourage them to keep playing basketball. I wish my team was big enough to keep every talented players. Daily 3:30-5:30 practice begins tomorrow.

7th Graders:
Angelo Ognianov
Erkan Ozgen
Jacob Potter
Joey Turek
Kyle Flynn
Noah Edders
Paulius Viduolis
Richie Pecenka
Chris Pogorelec
6th Graders:
Christopher Gasmen
Ben Dziedzic
Keaton O’Leary
Richie Sperando
Ryan Blazevich
Tyquan Butler

Thanks again to the boys for their hard work the last few days.