Congratulations to the 2015 Lakeview History Fair Team

Congratulations to these students, as they’re advancing to the 2015 Chicago Metro History Fair! The Chicago Metro History Fair will be held on Saturday, April 24th at Lane Tech High School in Chicago. Good luck, students!
  • Amanda & Alex Wiggins – The Chicago Water Tower
  • Ben Vena – Italian Immigration
  • Nate Unsicker & Devin Andrin – Ernie Banks
  • Sean Wagner – Black Panther Party
  • 1st Alternate – Robbie & Abbie Swain – Candymen of Chicago*
  • 2nd Alternate – Shannon Simpson & Meera Patel – Ferris Wheel to the Sears Tower*
  • Carson Wagner, Saahil Sorakayala, Shayan Rasheed – The Manhattan Project
  • Jorie Selig – Ulysses Grant
  • Serena O’Donnell – Argonne National Laboratory
  • Lizzy Colip – Animal Welfare Act
  • 1st Alternate – Rose Dumford – Jane Byrne*
  • 2nd Alternate – Mick Bastuga & Stephen Nicholson – The Manhattan Project*
  • Emily Leatherwood – Florence Kelley’s Impact on Chicago
  • Lukian Kling – Chicago Film Industry
  • 1st Alternate – Rishi Raja – William Hulbert: The Man who Changed the Game*
Research Papers:
  • Nick Callaghan – Eliot Ness
  • Kate Stanley – Chicago Housing Projects**
  • Demetri Kling – Chess Records: Blues Heaven**
  • Rishi Raja – William Hulbert: The Man who Changed the Game**
*Alternates do not advance to Chicago, but will be called, in the order listed, in the event an advancing project cannot do so.
**The later 3 research papers are conversions of other projects. Kate, Demetri, and Rishi created projects which were casualties of other great works, but the 3 of them have some impressive research and analysis. As a result they are reworking that fine historical thinking into a Research Paper. It is convenient that we had 3 openings, and they earn high praise with their tremendous efforts throughout this process. They’ll join the rest of the team in representing us well. This is a strong group of student historians.