Building a Quality Product

In teaching, “Knowledge-Process-Product” is a line of thought applied to how students learn.

  1. Knowledge is acquired. (History Fair students did this through research)
  2. Students process that knowledge and make some “sense” of that. (HF students did this by organizing, summarizing, telling a story, re-organizing again, and synthesizing their writing into an argument.)
  3. Students create a product to demonstrate learning. (HF students do this through creating a website, exhibit, etc)

After nearly 3 months of class time dedicated to this study, we’ve reached the point where not much more can be done in class. Students will have plenty of access to me, as well as others, for feedback, but we’re closing up shop for a few weeks to focus on content. Our History Fair is in 34 days, with the project due 7 before then. When we get closer to the due date, we’ll re-dedicate our focus to History Fair. But for now, all the “hard” work is done. We will continue to revise and improve our work, but the final steps of putting together a product can be done at home.

How can I support students at home. Easy!

  1. Follow the “Parents Guide to: Finishing History Fair” document.
  2. Have your individual checklist handy.
  3. Check the Rubric.
  4. Come for a help session!
  5. Ask yourself: is my thesis clear and the central focus of my project?
  6. Ask yourself: is it clear how my project demonstrates leadership, and has left a legacy?

I’ll have more detailed info later, but for now, students should be well prepared to do work independently. We’ll start to study government and the Constitution on Monday.