What we Learned Today: 11/5

Today, we went to the Chicago History Museum in Chicago. Our goal was to peruse around the  topics/exhibits there, seeking knowledge and information. The objective of going to the museum was to learn more about other topics, one’s that we didn’t think of for history fair. We were sent off to explore different parts of the museum, ate lunch, and explored some more. There was a lot of exhibits,facts, and videos on all types of Chicago history. It went from the Chicago Sox and Cubs to The Haymarket riot and Marshall fields.We did a hands on activity there, where each group got a box of different artifacts. In my group’s box we got many pictures and news articles about japanese internment. Japanese internment happened in the 1940’s through out WW2. When the Japanese military bombed Pearl Harbor-an american naval base, the japanese became a target of racism and suspicion. They put all japanese americans, people who came to america and became citizens, into interment camps just because the way they looked. We learned further on this subject and many more like the grape boycott,etc. All these were examples of race and citizenship,workers rights, armed conflicts,and more.When we did this, we practiced brainstorming. We had to figure out why the artifacts provided were important and how they affect our history.During these activities I learned that people used to use leeches to suck out their sicknesses. There was no homework assigned, just to think about history fair ideas.Overall, I learned many new things about Chicago history and I’m glad I did.It’s nice to know more about the city you live by, the place where so many people want to visit.

http://www.chicagohistory.org/ – A link to the Chicago history Museum’s website