What we Learned Today (Friday, 10/24)

Today’s goal was to complete 3 yellow sheets for the History fair. After that you will get more in class work to do. When you fill out the yellow sheet you have to find one topic and answer all the questions in it. If the topic goes through all the questions then you can use that topic. Once you do this 3 times you can move on to the next step. The next step is to do the study guide for the civil war quiz we have on 10/29. This is the study guide.

Study Guide – Civil War Quiz


We’ll have our first quiz on Wednesday, 10/29. The quiz will be 10 questions and 1 essay response.


Here are some sample questions of what could be on the quiz:

  • Which law angered the South, as it limited their trade partners and benefited the already wealthy Northern states.
  • Which law allowed California to enter the US as a Free state, but also brought with it the Fugitive Slave Act and the possibility of Western slavery?
  • Who led the 1831 Virginia slave revolt, killing over 55 white men and slave owners?
  • What was “Bleeding Kansas” about?
  • What was the Dred Scott decision?
  • Which book was the most popular work of fiction in the 1800’s, advancing the anti-slavery cause?
  • What is an abolitionist?
  • Which state was the first to secede?
  • Who was the president of the Confederate States of America?
    Where did the Civil War begin?




Compare and Contrast the the North and South’s views of what caused the Civil War.