Election of 1860 – Who to vote for?!

In todays article of Who Cares About Politics Anyway?! We’re going to cover the most talked about topic out there right now, The Political Campaign! So first we’ll talk about the two less popular runners, John C. Breckinridge and John Bell.

Let’s get started.

John C. Breckinridge has some political experience already, serving as a democratic vice president for 4 years. As a slave owner, and a very well known and wealthy one at that, it is said that he has no intention of finding a middle road to finding a balance between pro slavery and no slavery states. Now as well known as he is in the South he should be bound to get some votes right? They’ve already nominated this guy for president once while he was sitting on his second term of vice president!

John Bell, our second less popular campaigner has much more experience, just not so high on the food chain. He was a senator and representative for Tennessee. He studied law at Cumberland College and graduated from there in 1814. Bell was also Chairman of the state, using this to his advantage to learn more about both sides of the story, I’d say he’s got quite the upper hand against the other runners!

Now we’ll get to our main event, the most talked about runners! Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln!

Stephen A. Douglas was the leader of a Democratic Party and a two term server of the House of Representatives. Before that he studied law in Canandaigua and he ran for congress in 1837, which he lost and he was then elected in 1847.
Abraham Lincoln used his popularity to his advantage, holding a law practice in Springfield, Illinois. He ran for Republican Senator in 1858 but failed. He wasn’t very supported in his fight to end slavery. His position as a Wing in the House of Representatives helped persuade people to vote for him.

It was very interesting finding these facts about these candidates. Signing off!

-Jessica M. (4th Period)