JV Boys Basketball Tryouts

I’m grateful so many boys want to play basketball for us. We’re going to have a very good team. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to play, as we can only take the top 12 players. I strongly encourage everyone to keep playing ball and try to improve.

The following boys have made it to a second day of tryouts – Thursday, 10/23 from 3:00-5:00pm. Also, players missing the first day of tryouts should come on Thursday. Congrats, and sleep well – we’ll work hard tomorrow as we make our final decisions.

  1. Lukian Kling
  2. Demetri Kling
  3. Jack Blazevich
  4. Micheal Wronkiewicz
  5. Justin Topp
  6. Connor Cigrand
  7. Jack Meyer
  8. Sean Wagner
  9. Peter Pierropoulos
  10. Sean Gibbons
  11. Robbie Swain
  12. Alex Wiggins
  13. Tino Trinidad
  14. Nathan Knuntsman
  15. Joey Turek
  16. Kyle Flynn
  17. Paulius Viduolis
  18. Jacob Potter
  19. Noah Edders
  20. Noah Fears
  21. Jimmy Kalal
  22. Erkan Ozgen

Thanks again to all the boys who came out. Can’t wait to get to work tomorrow.

7 thoughts on “JV Boys Basketball Tryouts

  1. Noah Fears – you’re on, too. I mistakenly left off Edders, and deleted you by accident when I added Edders. You’re coming back tomorrow, too.

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