Blog for Today by Michelle V.

In the beginning of class all the students had to go on Google classroom. Entering to the classroom you are in for SS we did a quick mini survey on the War. This was not a grade! He just wanted to see what you know or may not know. Under the survey is a short clip that talks about Crash Course US History. We did not do this in class so there for watch the video at home. Be sure to wear head phones when watching the video if you are in Study hall. On to the next subject now. The projects that we all worked on with the horrible and annoying site educreations. Pasting the links on the document that was assigned to your specific period. We have been given the assignment to watch all the videos from the ink and make a essay about three people you have listened to. Do note that some projects have been deleted and their link will tell you it is unavailable. For people who lost their project will not need to redo theirs. I assure everyone that Mr. Little will never use this ‘fantastic’ site ever again. With that said lets get to the main topic we had done in class. Within Google Classroom once again Mr. Little had post an assignment called Causes of the Civil War. Do note that all you must do it press ‘open’ on the assignment. There it will give you a copy where you will be doing your notes till further notice. The doc that he had sent you a copy should say ‘Note Taking – 2×5 Boxes – FIRST & LAST NAME’. The presentation in the assignment is what he will be using to teach us. When Mr. Little is teaching please stay off the presentation so his screen or computer won’t black out or litch on him. For period 4 we had stopped on slide 7. In your note taking doc the three essential questions are on slide 4. If you are too lazy to get on that presentation I suppose you can ask your friends or someone who has been in SS already. Slide 3 shows the goals Mr. Little wants us to reach. With that said when answering the essential questions use evidence from notes or possible from the presentation and do not go far ahead past the slide you have stopped at with Mr. Little. All students should have jotted down notes as the teacher spoke. The main thing he would like on notes is the date and what the event is. Further notice that I will end this is we shall be having a test in two weeks. Giving a notice ahead means we should all listen carefully to him in class.

-Michelle V.