Update for 7th Grade Parents


First, a general word about what we’re doing in school. I understand that change, let alone so much change, can be difficult. Whatever questions you may have, please check this blog, as well as contact your teachers. I can’t stress enough to keep those lines of communication open, especially as we evolve with our 1:1 program. When schools change like this, it’s always hard to stay ahead of the curve and keep you all informed. Please, let us know what questions you have and we’d be happy to help.

Second, a reminder to take this survey when you can. I already have 39, but would love more info about how we can help teach your children better!

Finally, please use this blog to follow what we do in social studies. The vast majority of teaching and learning happens through Google Classroom or the Chromebooks. You are, essentially, left out of this process, unless of course you check this blog (or talk with your child!). I really would hate for you to miss out on some of the cool things we’re doing here.

An extra note: I’ll be “kicking off” History Fair on Monday, 10/6. Look for comprehensive updates during that week.