7th Grade is Hard… for Parents, too.

I wrote yesterday about how challenging Middle School is, specifically for 7th graders. It’s easy to forget how difficult it is for those that have to deal with Middle School at its ugliest: parents. As teachers, we see students, generally, on their best behavior. That doesn’t always happen at home. It’s also easy to forget how frustrating early adolescence is, especially when your children are behaving illogically.

Adding to the complexity of raising 12 and 13 year olds is a complete change in the way we’re teaching and learning and Lakeview. Typically, when schools change, parents are left out of that process, which can lead to some incredible frustration and confusion. Adding the implementation of Common Core with the adoption of 1:1 technology? Even more confusion and frustration. This isn’t intentional, but just a frustrating reality that comes with paradigm shifts in schools. Not only do the parents have to deal with kids that are changing in front of them, they can’t even take comfort in recognizing what is happening in their schools. It’s a recipe for a lot of anxiety.

Fortunately, I think Lakeview has some really good solutions to these problems. Many parents might not even be aware of them yet.

  • My strongest suggestion is to ask your son/daughter to show you what they do in school. Specifically, Google Classroom. Have them show you how we use it, where their assignments are. I know most of them respond to your questions with short, unresponsive answers, but your best help is already in your home.
  • Follow email groups like “Google Guru” to learn tips and tricks and share the learning with your kids.
  • Follow this blog! Also, check the tab “Hearts and Minds of Middle Schoolers.” Lots of resources to understanding your kids.
  • Very interesting article to consider.
  • Talk to our Social Worker, Gina Horeni (ghoreni@ccsd66.org). “Social Worker” sounds desperate, but Mrs. Horeni is an unbelievable resource for our students and parents. She’s also been recognized by the State of Illinois for her excellence. (In fact, Mrs. Horeni shared the article linked above) In the 3 years she’s been at Lakeview, she’s developed a rapport with a
  • Email us! The 7th grade team is very responsive and would love to help you understand what’s going on.