What we did in Mr. Little’s class of September 24th

I’m writing about what we did today in class incase you didn’t listen or wasn’t there. Oh by the way this was done by Michael W., in 2nd period.

Today Mr. Little wasn’t here but in class we were supposed to finish our Leadership and Legacy in class. Not many of us even got to the third box ( Discover). So we will work on this in class tomorrow, too. Of course we all worked on different topics, for example I worked on Al Capone and Elliot Ness. We had to look up research and make a summary for the boxes in Leadership and Legacy. This Leadership and Legacy is due on Friday. I personally learned a lot about Al Capone today. I didn’t even know what the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre was before this. So that is basically what we did in class today.


This is Alcatraz. It’s were he went to prison. It’s off the shore of San Francisco
This is stating the obvious. It’s Al Capone.