Political Parties-Where Did They Come From?-May 12

Today in class, we read from We the People chapter 20, starting on page 171. And then answered questions 1-6 on page 180. We also did have a substitute, so we worked individually or with one other person. The point of reading and answering the questions was to understand the original two political parties of America and their creation and roles/purpose within the government. Thus we used compare and contrast skills to separate the two political parties of Federalism (made by Hamilton, who wanted a strong government) and Republicanism( made by Jefferson, who wanted a smaller government that was in favor of a country of more local businesses and governments, actually called today, democratic-republicans). We have no official homework other than to work on the next two units in the Constitution workbook, first due Wednesday and the latter due on Thursday.

“Where US Politics Came From” by John Green, writer of The Fault in Our Stars:


Evolution of and Definition of Political Parties

Textbook History Lesson

-Emmanuelle Copeland, Period 8