Presidential Powers

Today in class, students were able to learn about the powers of the President.  Everyone continued taking notes from where each period left off from the day before.  Some discussions went along with the note-taking as well.  (Students practiced note-taking and discussion skills).  We were able to learn about some controversial pardons issued by presidents such as George Bush, Bill Clinton, and Gerald Ford (President Nixon’s Vice President, who eventually took President Nixon’s position).  In fact, we discovered that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon.  In Abraham Lincoln’s 1,500 days in office, he gave about 1,800 pardons!  Secondly, we were educated on how the members of the Cabinet are chosen to help aid the President to make intelligent decisions.

Units 15 and 16 in our workbook are due this Friday.

You can click on the links below to further explore the powers our President has and the different departments in the Cabinet.

By Anupama U., Per. 8