Connor Scornaienchi P.6, May 6, 2014 – The powers of the Executive Branch

Our goal today was to explore the powers of the Executive Branch, but unfortunately we were only able to talk about things like, “Who is in the Executive Branch?”, “What are the qualifications of being in the Executive Branch?”, and finally, “What are the possibilities of what would happen if a president died?” We went into greater detail about different assassinations of presidents, such as JFK,  and Abraham Lincoln, but we really just focused on JFK. Aside from that, We talked about different things, like “How much money does the president make?” and more sophisticated topics that were relevant to the discussion. Also, for those who don’t know, these notes, Constitution article 2, were shared with you by Mr.Little! You should be grateful for that! Lastly, Unit 13 in our blue Constitution Workbooks was due today. If you don’t have it done, I suggest you finish it. It will prove to be great studying material. And that’s all from May 6, 2014. Thank you for reading my Post!