May 28th Audie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mr. Little is clean shaved!! In 8th period we started by talking about the past few days he missed and informed us that the study guide is not homework. After that we talk briefly about Taco bell And horse meat (not sure how we got on the topic). Then we talked articles 4-7 and he put together a presentation (  Here is a brief summary of articles 4-7…

Article 4- Article four discuses States relationships with other states and how they must not discriminate you based on your residency in another state. All states must have the same driving age and currency as the rest of the country does. Also, if you get married then move to another state you are still married.  then we discussed people leaving the state they are native. If Phillip kills 20 people he cant run to Kansas and be forgiven. Kansas must return him to Illinois to be trialed. Back in the civil war times if a slave would run away and escape to another state he must be brought back. Finally for article 4, new states. A new state must be approved by congress and the new state must approve of the constitution. A state can not be split unless the whole state agrees with it.

Article 5- Adding Amendments can be done one of two ways the most popular is congress making a bill then having it passed by 3/4th of the states. Also a way that has not been successful in history is Congress calling a convention then each state sends representatives and congress tries to sell the idea Amendment.

Article 6- If a state law interferes with federal law, federal law wins. This is to make sure the govt. doesn’t become powerless. Another part of article 6 is that the U.S. can’t make anyone do religious test to get into office. swearing on the bible, optional.

Article 7- This just states that 9 out of the 13 colonies must vote for the constitution for it to come into affect.

I hope this helped and have a good day and remember that 19,20,21,23,24 in the WTP book.


Blogger for the day May 22

What we did in class today was discuss Freedom Of Expression. We discussed how freedom of expression was different in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. We discussed two students getting suspended for wearing anti-war arm bands. Those two students were suspended and we talked about if it was the right or wrong decision to do that. Then we talked about a controversial article in a school paper and we discussed if the principal of the school should or shouldn’t have removed them. Our homework was to do unit 19.  Thats what we did in Mr Littles S.S. class May 22.

Blogger for a day May 20th

Today in class we finished up presenting our Presidential Profiles. All classes got to learn a little about some presidents and what they did. We got to pick a president to do research on and if we want to do it in a group. Tomorrow our reflections from the presentations are due. In the reflections, you can state if the presidents have too much, too little, or just enough power. If you want extra credit, you can turn in your textbook. If you turn it in Wednesday you will get 7 points and if you turn it in Thursday you will get 3 points but if you turn it in any other day after this Thursday, you will probably not get any.

~Sarah Cimbalista
period 8

Blogger For a Day May 19th

Today our goal was to interpret Article 2 of the Constitution, which we did by presenting our Presidential profiles. Besides the presentations we also received information to bring the Social Studies textbook to school, for which you can receive extra credit for if done before Thursday, May 22nd, and that the Constitution test will be on June 12th. To receive your grade and know what questions you got wrong, you must give Mr. Little your email, or if you don’t have one, your parents’ email. Also, you must complete a Reflection on the presentations discussing whether presidents get too much, too little, or just enough power that is supported with evidence, that is due on Wed. May 21st.



                -Heather Hargis Per.8







Blogger for a Day May 13th

Today in class we went over the answers for Unit 15-16 in our blue workbook. After that we went to the Lab to start working on our Presidential Profiles that will be due on Friday, May 16th. Also remember that Units 17 in our blue workbook is due tomorrow. We also got to pick which president we got to research for our President Profile project. Our goal for the day was to start to expand our knowledge on our countries presidents.


-Richie Pur P. 8