Freedom and liberty party

Today in class we learned how to organize ourselves from the  freedom and liberty party. Also today in class  we took a survey in the google docs shared with you by Mr. Little. Well in that survey it asks you questions like do you want guns or do you want abortion. its a government survey by Mr. Little.After we took the survey it goes into a graph that Mr. Little checks every time someone finished the survey. Then he will wait until everyone has finished then he will say if you are in the freedom party or liberty party. Me ( Cameron Poellnitz) and tracy, maria, and julianna. Are only in the liberty party. Four people are in the liberty party against like 20 other students in period 7. I have a study guide that I believe I  shared with almost everyone that has all the amendments. 1-27. The amendments quiz is on friday. May 2nd.


Bill Making Links

In class today, we’ll use these links to study how we write a bill, and gather background info about the process. 

An overview of the process (for all to read): 

An overview of composing laws (interest to committee chairs): 

Look for any law you’d like, ever: