Social Studies 4/23

Today in Social Studies, 7th graders reviewed what Congress can and cannot do. Classes took notes on the specific, or enumerated powers of what Congress can do, and the vague powers, known as the Elastic Clause, General Welfare Clause, or Necessary and Proper Clause. Congress is completely forbidden from creating a royalty, spending money without a law to explain why, and other ideas that our founding fathers thought would seem too controlling and create another Revolutionary War. Some classes may have gotten sidetracked on important matters, like debating the pros and cons of a college education, or why setting off the most powerful nuke ever made to end the recent war on Iraq could have been a bad idea, throwing Earth off of its axis and ending all life as we know it.


If you weren’t here, or missed the notes, here’s a video on the powers of congress. The first 4 minutes or so explains what we reviewed today, and the rest will explain the powers of The House of Representatives compared to the powers of Senate.


Samantha G, Period 4