Annese Blog 4-16-14

Today’s goal was to find out and understand the meaning of gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is when there are two parties and it is unfair because they try stretching out the areas so that a certain party will win. We also filled out a worksheet about this topic and we had to make our own district areas we could decide if we wanted it to be fair or not. Then we watched a video to better understand gerrymandering. The homework for today is to complete unit 11 in your blue workbook for tomorrow.



Gerrymandering: Fair or Unfair?

So we examined redistricting and gerrymandering today. We watched these two videos: 

After, we used an in-class worksheet to gerrymander our own imaginary districts, and discuss reasons how it can be used for both nefarious, and beneficial reasons. I’ll let Amanda post her own thoughts to explain this more, later!