Constitutional Comics made by Mr. Little’s 7th Graders

Today in class we were introduced to a new assignment due at the end of class tomorrow. WE GET TO MAKE OUR OWN COMICS! These comics are pictures that represent the 6 preamble goals and thee 7 principles of the Constitution. Mr. Little also introduced the schedule for the order we will be learning the units in a new book that was given to us students earlier this week. Today in class the goal was to accurately illustrate examples of the goals and principles of the Constitution onto our comics. Tonight’s homework is simply to study for tomorrow’s quiz on the 6 preamble goals and the 7 principles. if you want an easy way to study these goals/principles and their terms you can go to the links below.

– Shannon M./Period:2

7 Principles of The Constitution-

6 Preamble Goals-


Materials we use during the Constitution Unit

We’ll be using the following texts for the Constitution Unit (taking place in April and May):

This workbook is new! All students have one, and we’ll be assigning Units as we go through the unit. The text is simple enough for most students to read, and features primary text, questions at the end of each section, and supplemental material to aid studying.
Our textbook has a very small, but useful, section on the Constitution. We won’t use it much, but is a nice place to start when studying.
Student notebooks are going to be CRITICAL this unit. Maintaining proper organization, taking detailed notes, and activities in class will all be crucial in student understanding of the Constitution.
We’ve used the WTP text for the last 5 years. Great text. Stories are intertwined to deepen understanding of some of the most critical topics. What I like about this book is it’s based on topics and themes, not the chronology of the Constitution.