History Fair: Revision and Government

Today’s goal was to complete the readings on page:42-46 and look over the questions. First,we had a decision about History Fair and what would happen if you advanced to Chicago, with that Mr. Little needs any revisions on History Fair due Tuesday March 25, 2014 so he can give you feed back. If revising, make sure to follow the correct procedures. After the decision on History Fair we had to read about the three branches of government and how to control each branch equally, on page:42-46, you have to read and review the questions in your group and then do the activity  in the We the People Book. Also, you will need to bring a newspaper article which you can find at stores or online this is due Wed. Before class ended the progress where we left off was at the reading and answering question part, but with that we are now ready for tomorrow.  Here’s a link to help you skim the Constitution so when your in class you know what we learned  and talked about. 


By: Jennifer S.
Period 4