Redefining Busy

It’s Mr. Little!

Writing on his own blog… doesn’t happen too often anymore…

This has been a fairly insane week. Wrapped up the Civil War unit. Home stretch of History Fair. Missed 3 days of class due to my attendance of conferences. Put about 500 miles on my car and spent waaaaay too much on Starbucks! But, it’s all for a very good reason…

I gave up my baby – the girls basketball program – about a year ago. I hated doing that (and still miss it), but did so knowing the important changes taking place in schools right now. Especially ours. Mr. Arnold has really brought about a great deal of progressive thinking and evolution in the way we do things here. One of them, technology, is getting very exciting.

On Wednesday, I was a part of a team that visited Lester Elementary school in District 58. We got to see – from the students themselves – how 1:1 technology has changed the way they learn. Kindergarteners, 6th graders, and 2nd graders all used personal devices to organize themselves and enhance their learning. Very cool to see what we at Center Cass could be doing very soon.

Thursday I attended the ICE (IL Computing Educators) Conference. Again, I met dozens of fellow teachers who have implemented technology as a means to improve student learning. The verdict is fairly unanimous – it takes a tremendous amount of work to implement, redesign how we teach, and train our staff. But the results are remarkable: students are engaged at levels we haven’t seen, students are creating and leading in the learning process, and they are empowered and motivated to do great things.

I’m very proud to be a part of a team (my 7th grade colleagues) that has been working on this for some time. I’m also proud to work with such great colleagues that are willing to take a great risk in the name of mastering this student learning thing. If we can integrate a model of 1:1 technology into that formula? Wow… we could do some great things at LV and in Center Cass. Nice to be a part of this. Lots of people working hard at all levels to make this happen… staff, admin, and students.

Below is a photo of the SAMR model, which is ultimately the “framework” for how technology allows teachers to take the next step in student learning.




Today we worked on our History Fair project in the Computer Lab. Tomorrow is no school so there won’t be homework due. Be sure to get a good breakfast for next week because ISAT are coming up!Bye!

-Niomi Roberts


Today in class we worked on our History Fair projects in the computer lab.  We also did a final History Fair survey. It was shared  in a google doc titled Sub Plans 2/26 and 2/27. Don’t forget if you want extra credit turn your History Fair project in on March 7th.

By: Kaitlin A.
6th period


The day finally came. The civil war ended. All classes had to take a test about the civil war. There was 30 questions and 1 essay question. The test was hard but we managed to figure it out. When the test was over Mr. Little told us to focus on our history fair project.

By Lauren Thiel

7th period

What did we do in class today??

What we did today was we got into groups with the Chrome Books, And we had to type ten review questions, For a review game! Then we had to come up with how many points that the questions were. You could chose 200, 300, 400,500 i think and then when a group were to answer it if they got it wrong they lose the points that the question was worth. If they got it right they would get those points!


By: Maria Rovito


7th period





Today in class we explored more on the Civil War by finishing up  our learnings  on the battles and where they took place on our maps. We also went over and observed the Gettysburg Address. As we finish up the unit on The Civil War, we try to explain  these battles and Lincoln’s presidency to put ourselves in their shoes. We will still be continuing this unit up until next week or so and their was no assignment assigned today.

By: Izabella Vega

8th period


Today in class we talked about the civil war! We focused on the causes of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln’s role. My favorite thing I learned was what had to be done before the war started. (Pass the thirteenth amendment.)  We watched a clip of the movie, Lincoln to help understand and really grasp the concept. The movie portrayed the time period really well and I felt I understood more! There is no homework, just remember to stay on top your research project!

-Maddelena S.

Period: 6