What we did on Jan. 30

The goal that we had today as students was to a create skit using a primary source that Mr. Little gave us yesterday, to determine how the North and South differed. My class hour was a bunch of fun, seeing what my classmates came up with their creative minds.  Hopefully Mr. Little helped you get a better understanding of what the North and South were different in there opinions. Classes 4-8 (NOT INCLUDING 2nd )have to read 478-481 and due SPEC notes. Don’t worry it’s due on Monday. Expect period 2 you have  to take the most important  quote in the paper that Mr. Little gave you and illustrate it in another piece of paper that will be due on Monday as well.                                                                         Stephanie R per.2

1/29/14 S.S CLASS

Today in social studies class, everyone wrote a short paragraph that summarizes the causes of the Civil War. You had to pick between political, social, economic, or cultural to show the causes that led to the war between the North and the South. Then, we shared and went over that in class. The class then got in groups and read different stories/ poems to underline important sentences that will be said and used in their skit. We will create the skits tomorrow. Our goal in class today was to have a good descussion about the causes of hte Civil War and to be ready to prepare our skits. There is no homework due other than to continue working on our History Fair.

-Kate Kulpinski