Continuing SPEC Notes 1/13/14

Today in class our goal for the day was to continue to organize what we learn and put it into four categories. These categories are Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural. These together from our SPEC notes. During the class period we talked as a class and put events in history into those four categories. Doing this is going to help us take the notes better to also understand and complete them. Also in class today we looked at The Declaration of Independance and put the passages into the SPEC categories, after that we went over some of them as a class. Our homework for today was to work on revising our History Fair research papers and to read and answer questions that Mr.Little assigned to us. Those page numbers and question numbers Mr.Little has posted before this. Another thing to work on is to get most or all your materials for your history fair project and get them in by Friday.

Jordan C.
Period 2