Reviewing Westward Expansion 1/10/14

Today’s goal was to review westward expansion and categorize the reason why people moved west. In class, we talked about the video we watched yesterday. We compared our notes that we took in class yesterday in small groups. After that, we went into new groups and categorized the notes using SPEC (Social, Political, Economic, and Cultural) format. Lastly, the class wrote on the board what fell under each category of SPEC. One social event was, Louis and Clark where helped by Sacagawea. One event under political was that the Native Americans were forced off their land and had to walk “The Trail of Tears” to reservations. One economic event was that in 1803, Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory. One thing that was cultural was that the people who moved west had to make everything form scratch like furniture, houses, tools, etc. Mr. Little assigned no homework but he suggested it would be a good idea to start collecting materials for history fair.