Starting The New Year

The goal for today was to try to finish the notes and  go through the lesson. In class we went over 10 influential current events of 2013 such as Sandy Hook, The Black Hawks winning the Stanley cup, When a man jumped from space and broke the sound barrier, and many more. After that we went over words such as social, political, cultural, and economic. The word social means having to do with people staying together or living in the same house but there are issues for example gender, economic status and there beliefs. The word political means having to do with gaining, seeking and organizing power, events related to the function of government laws enforcing laws and interpreting laws. The word cultural means all the knowledge and values shared by a society. Lastly, the word economic means how people meet there basic material needs the production, distribution and consumption of goods and services. An example is supply and demand. In class we went over all these words and I learned what they all mean. Today in class we didn’t have homework but you might want to start working on your history fair projects.

Gianna Lukacik