D.C. Info Day 12/17/13

Today we had a special guest speaker. The ever so famous Mrs. Maass! As you all know the 8th grade class of 2014-2015 will be going on the D.C. trip next fall. Mrs. Maass came in today to inform us more about that. We watched a short video by World Strides which is the organization we will be doing our trip with. Also Mrs. Maass gave a quick gist of the payments and informed us on important dates to plan for the trip such as the parent meeting January, 8th. We received an envelope including all the necessary info for the trip such as prices, an agenda, a pamphlet, parent letter, and more. If you were absent or in band and didn’t receive the envelope contact Mrs. Maass because she has extras. Since it was a half day there was no true goal except for jet paying attention to Mrs. Maass, and Mr. Little as well as finishing up your mockup if there was extra time. F.Y.I. if you start your payments before January 1st you can still get the 2013 prices before the bump them up for 2014!

Here is the link for World Strides website: dn.educationaltravel.com

The only Homework is the mockup which is due Thursday.

Composed by Courtney H, Period 4.