History Fair: How to Find Photos

This often becomes one of our biggest problems. Students go to google and search, but often come back empty handed. Here are my suggestions for better picture searching:

  1. Use a better google search. Narrow the photo sizes, use better keywords (like a normal google search), and even an advanced search to narrow your results.
  2. Go back to your sources! The places you originally found info and learned about your topic likely have some of the best photos. Use ’em!!
  3. Harper’s Weekly has a great collection of old photographs to use. Many are from the 19th Century, so this is especially advantageous to those studying a topic from then.
  4. Try Pic Search, another image searching site.
  5. The Newberry Library also has a great collection of online photos to search, too!
  6. Try out the Chicago History Museum’s collection… you’ll have to sort the results, but there are some good photos there!
  7. Visit this old Chicago Daily News collection.