Today In Class 12/12

Today’s goal for the class was to figure out what you are doing for history fair and create a mock-up. You can choose to do a website, a research paper, an exhibit, or a documentary. The mock-up’s are due on 12/17/13 but that could change depending on where everyone is at on Monday. Today in class we went through what a mock-up was, and how to make one. We also worked on the computers finding pictures for our projects. Mr. Little discovered the boys’ obsession with earwigs and how it started, but that was the most exciting part of the day. Also, a lady in Spring Lake, Michigan is getting a Wii-U from Mr. Little (This was talked about while students went to get lab tops, not during teaching time)

To look at the examples we were shown for the types of projects, ask your child to log into their Google drive. It should be under “Shared with me” – and then click “Exploring History Fair.”

Brought to you by: Madison L. Period 2