Wrapping up our Writing! (Just in time for Christmas!)

Hello. This is Kirk H. Today we are getting our research papers finalized.  Our goal today was to finish editing our papers and finish our bibliography.  Mr. Little has been meeting with students nonstop to help students with their papers.  Our final papers and bibliography is due TOMORROW!  This is a 100 point paper!  The topic chosen by each student will eventually become their History Fair project. (More on that later.)  We have the school laptops in our room and are working very hard.  Mr. Little seems very impressed with all of our papers.  We have also been working in ELA class to improve the craft of our writing.  Some ELA classes are taking a grade for our papers as well.  Hopefully this good writing helps us with our Christmas lists!

Here are some links to show what we are doing.


https://accounts.google.com/ ( to actually see their writing your child must put in their username and password)