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… and happy holidays! A few fun history lessons on the holidays we celebrate the next few weeks.



mock-up rough draft due tomarrow

Today’s goal for the class was to create a mock-up (ruft draft). The whole class period we finished the mock-up. The mock-up is due tomorrow Friday December 19th 2013. The mock-ups are a ruft draft for your final history prodject which could be a website, a research paper, an exhibit, or a documentary. We will be finishing the week on the planing of the final prodject.

D.C. Info Day 12/17/13

Today we had a special guest speaker. The ever so famous Mrs. Maass! As you all know the 8th grade class of 2014-2015 will be going on the D.C. trip next fall. Mrs. Maass came in today to inform us more about that. We watched a short video by World Strides which is the organization we will be doing our trip with. Also Mrs. Maass gave a quick gist of the payments and informed us on important dates to plan for the trip such as the parent meeting January, 8th. We received an envelope including all the necessary info for the trip such as prices, an agenda, a pamphlet, parent letter, and more. If you were absent or in band and didn’t receive the envelope contact Mrs. Maass because she has extras. Since it was a half day there was no true goal except for jet paying attention to Mrs. Maass, and Mr. Little as well as finishing up your mockup if there was extra time. F.Y.I. if you start your payments before January 1st you can still get the 2013 prices before the bump them up for 2014!

Here is the link for World Strides website:

The only Homework is the mockup which is due Thursday.

Composed by Courtney H, Period 4.

What we did in class today?

Today we reviewed how to do a mock up.  A mock up is a draft of what you are doing for your history fair project. Also we have a video reflection sheet that is due tomorrow. Our goals for today were talking/reviewing  our projects and then the rest of the time we worked on our Mock ups

We also reviewed how to find quality photos, and what we’re using those photos for.

Alex M 6th period

History Fair: How to Find Photos

This often becomes one of our biggest problems. Students go to google and search, but often come back empty handed. Here are my suggestions for better picture searching:

  1. Use a better google search. Narrow the photo sizes, use better keywords (like a normal google search), and even an advanced search to narrow your results.
  2. Go back to your sources! The places you originally found info and learned about your topic likely have some of the best photos. Use ’em!!
  3. Harper’s Weekly has a great collection of old photographs to use. Many are from the 19th Century, so this is especially advantageous to those studying a topic from then.
  4. Try Pic Search, another image searching site.
  5. The Newberry Library also has a great collection of online photos to search, too!
  6. Try out the Chicago History Museum’s collection… you’ll have to sort the results, but there are some good photos there!
  7. Visit this old Chicago Daily News collection.

Today In Class 12/12

Today’s goal for the class was to figure out what you are doing for history fair and create a mock-up. You can choose to do a website, a research paper, an exhibit, or a documentary. The mock-up’s are due on 12/17/13 but that could change depending on where everyone is at on Monday. Today in class we went through what a mock-up was, and how to make one. We also worked on the computers finding pictures for our projects. Mr. Little discovered the boys’ obsession with earwigs and how it started, but that was the most exciting part of the day. Also, a lady in Spring Lake, Michigan is getting a Wii-U from Mr. Little (This was talked about while students went to get lab tops, not during teaching time)

To look at the examples we were shown for the types of projects, ask your child to log into their Google drive. It should be under “Shared with me” – and then click “Exploring History Fair.”

Brought to you by: Madison L. Period 2

What I Learned Today – 12/10

Today in Mr. Little’s class we worked in the lab on the computers. Today’s goal in class was to learn how to use the website, Weebly. If you are thinking about turning your history fair project into a website YOU MUST USE WEEBLY. In order to use Weebly, you have to create an account. The username should be 15(student), the password should be your school password, and the email should be your ccsd66 google drive email. Once you are signed up, you may begin designing your website. Weebly editing and website making is pretty explainable in itself when you are signed up and logged in. There is no homework today!!

Here are some helpful links:


Image Editing

• FotoFlexer (

• PicNik (

• Adobe Photoshop Express (

• Pixlr (

Virtual Interviews

• Skype (

• Google Voice (

Rolling Transcriptions of Interviews of Other Unintelligible Audio

Document Sharing

• Google Docs (

Audio Recording and Editing

• Audacity (

• KeepVid (

• Realplayer (

YouTube Video Downloader  • KeepVid (

(Student tip: If you find sources on YouTube or Google Images, go to the original URL if possible then download from there. It is better in the bibliography than “YouTube”)

Notes and Citation Managers

• Zotero (

• Citation Machine (

• EasyBib (

(p.s- those links are right off of the Chicago History Fair Website)

Here’s a video if you are still confused on how to make a Weebly:

Pictures from today’s class:

-Meghan G

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