Research Papers: Phase 2, Complete!

Phase 1 – Collect Information, Determine Purpose

Phase 2 – Organize Information, Write First (Rough Draft)

Phase 3 – Revise and Finalize

We’re largely done with Rough Drafts (those who are completed will have a grade in Parent Connect, possible points 25). If a student has not yet completed their Rough Draft, it should be shared with me by the end of class on Monday.  As that phase comes to completion, let’s look at how we finalize this process.

  • We’ll need to edit the language, grammar, and style of writing. (done, mostly, in ELA class on 11/25)
  • Make sure the thesis has been maintained and is arguable. 
  • Do you claims support your thesis? The claims themselves do not have to be arguable (though it would be nice), but as long as we support the thesis with a clear claim, your in great shape.
  • Are you using evidence to support your claims? Saying the Field Museum brings more people to Chicago is nice, but do you have a number?

The Rough Draft is NOT the final draft… the students have now composed an essay that they will revisit and improve. Rough Drafts will NOT be due until Friday, 12/6.